Science challenge

Here’s a message from our science coordinator, Ms Nakibinge:
Science Challenge 
British Science Week (Monday 12- Friday 16 March) will soon be upon us. This year the theme is inventions and discoveries. To whet your appetite why not encourage your child to enter this Mr Men/Little Miss competition Send in drawings of your child’s invention and there is a chance it could be included in a Mr Men/ Little Miss Book. The closing date is Sunday 25 February.
If children are feeling really adventurous they could try making their invention and bringing it into school, where they will get the chance to tell us about it at the British Science Week assembly. Alternatively, you could email drawings/photographs of their invention to, and they will be displayed on a wall during science week.
Thank you,
Miss Nakibinge

Lost bags and coats

Quite a few bags and coats were left behind on the last day.  They are hanging on the pegs outside the classroom if you want to drop past and collect them during the holiday.  The school is open between 9 and 5 for the holiday club.

Final post

To everyone connected to 6CM:

Thanks for helping to make this such an enjoyable and successful year. The children move on with fond memories, we hope, and with the skills, ambition and confidence to thrive in the next part of their education. Thanks also for all the kind words, which give great satisfaction and encouragement for the future. And, lastly, thanks for the wonderful presents!

A note from Mr Milne on the beautiful apple tree… This is one of the loveliest presents I have ever received! Thank you all again. I’ve been thinking about the best place to plant the tree and walked all around the school site with Liz Myers (the school’s gardener). We’ve found a spot in the quiet garden where she thinks the tree will thrive and where it will be very beautiful when it is fully grown. So, my plan is to plant it there in the late autumn (Liz advises planting around November). We re going to have to dig a deep hole and I wondered whether this might be an opportunity for those who’d like to to come back for a little reunion and help dig. Anyway, I’ll put out the word nearer the time.

Have a great summer everyone

Tom Milne, Matthew Criddle


This week… and pictures from the show

We hope that everyone who was able to make it to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory enjoyed the evening. The children were fantastic – pictures below from the evening performances and earlier rehearsals to KS1 and KS2

In class this week,we’ve been discussing human rights, discrimination, equality and feminism. The children have shown intelligent, modern ideas and it’s been an interesting set of lessons to teach (with up-to-date material from the BBC to consider!). By the end, pretty much everyone in the class was happy to describe themselves as a feminist and we hope that the girls and boys take this attitude with them to their secondary schools.

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Year 6 leavers’ assembly

The Year 6 leavers’ assembly will be held in the KS2 hall at 2pm on Friday.   We would love to see parents and carers at the assembly but understand, of course, if work commitments make this difficult.

In recent years, the children have enjoyed bringing a white T-shirt to school on the last day for friends to sign and they are very welcome to do so this year.

Trek through the night thank you

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Kate, Jane, Matthew, Giles, Debs and Dave would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored our 40 mile ‘Trek Through the Night’ walk. We set off at midnight and we all crossed the finish line at 3.30pm yesterday (Sunday).   It was one of the hardest things we have ever done and we were one of very few teams who crossed the finish line with all members standing.  Knowing that we had everyone’s support made such a difference.
We’ve raised about £3000 for Action Medical Research which is a fantastic amount.  And it’s still not too late to donate if you would like to – just follow this link
Thank you again everyone!