More on the microscopic world

We learned a little more today about the incredible world of microscopic organisms (microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae etc).  The first forms of life on earth (dating back billions of years), found everywhere on the planet (from deep in the Earth’s crust, to the bottom of the ocean, to the outer atmosphere), incomprehensible in number  (thousands of time heavier, when combined together, than all other living things combined), some essential or helpful to human life, some causing illness and disease.  We’ve tried taking our own microbiological samples from different places (including Sarafina’s tongue – there are more than 7 billion microorganisms in a typical human mouth apparently!) and we’re going to see what grows in agar-filled petri dishes (pictured below) over the coming days.  If we see anything then we’ll make up some slides and have a look under the microscope.  Exciting!



Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

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