6CM’s vision of a utopian Herne Hill

The children of 6CM felt that Brockwell Park is one of the things that makes Herne Hill special.

We considered what might make Herne Hill an even better place to live, and we decided that it would be incredible if the whole of Herne Hill became one enormous nature reserve!

We talked about how some urban communities have employed ‘guerrilla gardening’ tactics to create green spaces throughout their neighbourhoods. The children created a collaborative artwork to represent this vision.


Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

2 thoughts on “6CM’s vision of a utopian Herne Hill”

  1. I really liked making these collages! We used a lot of green pictures (like bushes, flowers, trees), and then we had to add pictures of buildings, and it all turned out really cool!


  2. When we were doing our utopian art work I was starting to think about what makes Herne Hill special to me and what’s good about it.So what’s special to me about Herne Hill special to me is Brockwell Park because it’s open to everyone that wants to enter the park.


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