The Internet and World Wide Web

We had a fascinating day today at the London CLC learning about the Internet and World Wide Web.  One of the first things the children had to do was to draw a picture to show what they thought the Internet looks like….

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We learned that the Internet and Web are two different things.  The Internet is the massive global network of computers that allows any computer to communicate with any other.   We can use it to send emails for instance.  The Web is the information system that uses the Internet to enable us to share mind-bogglingly huge quantities of information stored on webpages.

We also found out about the massive physical infrastructure that connects the Internet together.  Although satellites are used for TV and radio broadcasting, most of the information travels through huge networks of cables buried in the sea bed:


We also used this site to trace the path of messages we send across the Internet – for example to the computer servers in California.

And finally, we began to talk about whether and when we can rely on information that we find on the Web to be accurate and to learn about writing webpages of our own – both topics we’ll continue over the course of the year.


Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

One thought on “The Internet and World Wide Web”

  1. On Monday when we went on the trip I found it fun and fascinating about how to code your very own website.we also found interesting that they placed a cable underneath the sea bed which is called a submarine cable connects to all computers.


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