Second World War family history – Mr Milne

Here are some of my dad’s recollections of the war – they may give you ideas for tomorrow’s writing lesson, when we are going to be imagining experiencing an air raid.

I can remember hearing the siren going off in the night. An awful wailing, moaning sort of sound. This meant you had to get out of bed, go out in the dark and walk to the shelter at the end of the garden. The shelter was called an Anderson Shelter and was meant to keep you safe in case the enemy dropped any bombs near where you lived. The shelters were cold, damp and smelly and all my family had to crowd in to the tiny space.


I also remember looking up in the sky and seeing fighter planes shooting at each other. The tracer bullets lit up like lines in the sky.  (Tracer bullets are bullets that burn brightly along their path, allowing the shooter to adjust their aim if necessary.)


The German planes used to drop clouds of silver paper (aluminium foil), which made it harder for them to be tracked by radar.


Towards the end of the war, there were great convoys of American soldiers who drove along the road outside our house.  They were very friendly and waved at us children. The used to throw packets of gum from the army trucks into our garden.

At the end of the war my whole family slept overnight in the Mall so that we would see the great victory parade the next day.  It was very cold but we had lots of blankets and hot thermoses of soup with us….  Then in the morning we saw this great military parade passing us, guns and tanks and loads of soldiers, sailors and airmen and then the jeep with Field Marshal Montgomery  (one of the leading British military commanders) standing up and saluting everyone as he went by.  This was a very exciting moment with everyone cheering the great general.



Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

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