Joseph Rotblat

We will learn about Joseph Rotblat in our work on World War II next week. Although he was not involved directly in the fighting, he was deeply involved in, and affected by, the war. He was Jewish and from Poland and lost his wife in the holocaust.  He was a scientist and became involved in the project to build the atomic bombs that were dropped on two cities in Japan, finally bringing the world war to an end.  And he played an important role, as a peace campaigner, in the Cold War that followed.  You could try to see what you can find out about his life. Much of the material on the web is perhaps difficult, in part, to follow, but you could start here:  Joseph Rotblat

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We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

4 thoughts on “Joseph Rotblat”

  1. Joseph Rotblat’s life was quite complicated,but he got through it and ended up with a great life! He survived the Wold War 1 as a child,just eating bread crumbs,then again,survived the Second World War. He also studied on how to be an electrician and got himself into university. Yesterday when Mr Milne was talking about him I was really astonished of what he went through throughout his life!


  2. I thought that was really interesting learning about Joseph Rotblat.He survived world war 1 and 2 and then helped create the first nuclear weapon.


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