Second World War family history – Gabriel

This is Gabriel’s story of his great uncle Gerry, who fought alongside one of the most famous generals in the British Army, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (or “Monty” as he was nicknamed).   Monty fought in a number of the most important battles in both world wars, in Europe and in Africa.  You could see what you can find out about him before we discuss Gabriel’s story in class next week.  

During the Second World War, Gerry was in the Eighth Army which fought in the Mediterranean and Middle East theatre.  He fought under a famous general called Bernard Montgomery.  

Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (“Monty”)

Gerry was very unlucky because he drove over a landmine and then was hit by artillery.  He was very lucky to survive but lost an eye.  He said that his mates were looking for his eye.  He was very badly injured and his family didn’t know where he was for six months.

His life was never the same again and he was very self-conscious about the way he looked.  He had tunnel vision in his eye and my mum couldn’t believe that he could legally drive a car.  He needed help with house work and sometimes he had to chase the chickens out of the house!  [Gabriel will have to say a little more about this last part of the story in class…]

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We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

One thought on “Second World War family history – Gabriel”

  1. Gabriel, your Great-great Uncle Gerry would be very proud of you for remembering the sacrifices he and his friends made for us. And I am a very proud Grandma, Gabriel, well done xx


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