Nature versus nurture

We talked today about how we are shaped, as human beings, both by our genetic inheritance and by our environment (our life experiences and the choices that we make). reaiah

The children had to try to say which – genes or life experience – they thought was a more important influence on their development as a person.  Most thought it was their environment.

  • Zeca:  I personally think that the way you were born doesn’t matter.  The most important thing to me is nurture.
  • Sylvie:  I think the most important is probably environmental because it’s how you’re brought up that determines how happy you are or how your personality is built.
  • Faisal:  I think environment more than genes because you choose what you want to do and you choose the path you want to follow.
  • Sonny:  My life is more important than my genes.
  • Sarafina.  Environment shapes you as a person.  You kind of have a growth mindset if you believe in nurture.  If you don’t it’s a bit like you’re saying ‘I’m born this way and I can’t change it.’
  • Jim says that he’s grown up in a protective environment with caring parents.  He says, ‘Even if I had been born in a  troubled part of the world, and had the same parents, I would still be roughly who I am now.’
  • Nina gave this careful and balanced assessment:  I have inherited my mouth, teeth, nose, and eyebrows from my dad.  I got my eyes, hair colour and ears from my mum.  My parents both run and I think that I inherit half of that from them but I train and do a lot of cross country running to help…. and get lots of encouragement.   I personally think that you could be born with a talent and not practise or you could not be born with a talent but train really hard and succeed.  I think that envrionment and nurture is more important because it’s your choice of what to do or be.

Add your own thoughts by replying to this post.  

Bonus question: which member of the class has evolved from this young lady?




Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

16 thoughts on “Nature versus nurture”

  1. I think that nurture is important because you have a choice to change so if you want you can. Saying that I think that nature is important so you can look like your family.


  2. I agree that it doesn’t matter how your were born and that what matters is your own personality and environmental shapes you as a person.I think that the person in the picture is Ellie’s mum.


  3. I really liked that lesson because it tought me how our parents looked like when they were younger and the how much we look alike.


  4. I really liked that lesson but I missed out on when we were drawing them. I think nurture has affected my life the most because I only started playing football in year 3 but I am now quite good because I trained a lot and quite hard.


  5. I think the lesson we learnt taught me a lot about inheritance and enviroment but I think it’s more enviroment that matters because it’s the way you are brought up because builds your personality and your characteristics.


  6. I really enjoyed this lesson.I think that nurture has more of an effect on me because when I was 4 I started to ride a bike and now I can ride it with no stabilisers because I never stopped trying


  7. I think the person in the picture above is Ellie’s Mum

    I disagree with everyone else and think that what you inherit is better than environmental because you can remember your parents and share something with your parents and you will feel a kind of connection with them.


  8. I think that the environment shapes who you are and how you act is you are brought up in a caring environment you are more likely to be kind and caring. I think the picture is of Ellie’s mum because it looks like her.


  9. I think that nature is inportant but nurture because people that get beaten normally grow up rough and scruffy but some grow up soft and Fun but I inherited different coloured eyes from different people in my family I get a lot from my auntie my face shape eye shape and a lot more and I get my nose and summer hair colour from my mom and I get small waves from my nan she actually has curly hair but she straightens it and I get my brown hair colour from my dad and I have my long legs from my dad too I have quite long arms and I’m tall too right now I’m 1 metre and 46cm. So I think both of them have no difference at all and they have the exactly the same propotees as each other


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