Weekly round up

Maths. We’ve looked at the relationship between rectangles, parallelograms and triangles and learned how to find the areas of each. You could ask your children to explain…

We’ve also begun to explore using algebra to express formulae (area of a rectangle = base x height, a = bh) and will be looking at algebra in greater depth over the next two weeks.

In English, we’ve been working on newspaper articles about the murder of King Duncan while guest of Lord and Lady Macbeth at Glamis Castle. There were two main challenges – relating the complicated events surrounding the murder in a clear and coherent way; and achieving the style and tone of a newspaper article. Examples to follow.  And if you are wondering whether we are properly immersed in the play, then you should know that Ms Martin called Meshach Macbeth by mistake at the end of today’s lesson – Line up properly, Macbeth! Last week’s letters from Macbeth to Lady Macbeth are up on the wall in the classroom if you have a chance to drop by to have a look.


In our project on evolution, we’ve marveled at some of the extraordinary and exquisite fossils that exist from thousands and millions and even billions of years ago – and discussed how fossils provide evidence of species evolving over long periods of time from common ancestors, and thereby of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Next week we’ll research the life of Mary Anning, a nineteenth-century paleontologist who made amazing fossil finds in the cliffs along the English Channel at Lyme Regis and take a quick look at the genetic basis of inheritance.

240 million-year-old fossil of fish
240 million-year-old fossil of fish

Have a good weekend.


Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

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