Macbeth’s sililoquy – the boys

The boys’ sililoquies have mostly not recorded well unfortunately – so here are just a few of them.





What have I become?
Have the three hags made me a monster? Nay, it was I who put the wicked forces upon me.
Will all the oceans clean me of this guilt?
No, but rather turn the sea incarnadine.
Blood begets blood: Duncan, now Macduff.
When will the noble blood stop spilling?
Even the throne does not b ring me happiness but instead melancholy.
Away Duncan! Away damn vision that haunts my eyes!
Life is but a candle melting away till the light goes.
It is not worth living.



What is happening to me?
Why have I slaughtered?
My veins are poisoned with desire to kill.
I was once a hero, then I committed treason.
My life is Scotland’s defeat.
Blood brings blood; why did I start this?
No matter.
What’s done is done.



What have I turned into?
A great leader, loved and trusted by my men.
Now a shell of a man, diminished to king killer. My best friend, children, many innocent lives.
Taken because of my greed.
I am tortured by my deeds!
I don’t recognise the man I’ve become
These hands have become possessed. I have gone too far to be able to turn back.



What shall I be?
A killer of a warrior.
Forces of evil made me a king killer.
Will nothing get rid of the horror from my body?
Blood begets blood; first my king, then my friend, and then innocents.
The blood began to ooze into the river of my soul.
Is there no end to this slaughter?
This isn’t happiness; this is death.



What have I become?
Is this regret in my eyes?
Why must I cause this endless violence?
Lady Macbeth and myself are strangers
These hands will never be rid of the blood of a king and best friend.
Greed has got the better of me and I shall suffer the consequences.
These damned visions will die with me.




Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

9 thoughts on “Macbeth’s sililoquy – the boys”

  1. Oh what passionate rousing work! Congratulations all of you. You’re translations/reimaginings of Macbeth’s torment are so eloquent and have such clarity if I did not know the play already I certainly would after listening to your soliloquies.
    I wonder Mr Milne if 6CM would be allowed to whatch Roman Polanski’s film of Macbeth, have you seen it? It really is wonderful.
    Well done everyone.
    Lizzie Berrington/Iggys Mum


    1. That’s be great! Could we borrow it? I know the old film version starring Orson Welles, and we’ve looked in class at extracts from the film starring Patrick Stewart as Macbeth, but I’d love to show the class the Polanski film that you recommend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed writing our sililoquy I think this was one of the best writing I ever done through the year and I hope we write more sililoquy in the future


  3. Itwas really fun writing this the Silioquys and each one has something different about them.I think they all sound really good when they are performed.


  4. Dramatic and funny, best things lovely to watch. Some stick me with fear some make me laugh I have multiple opinions on this it all depended on the way the boys said it really I loved watching these Patrick’s and Archie’s I loved probably the best i think.


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