Macbeth’s sililoquy – the girls

We’ve really enjoyed studying Macbeth.  Here are some of the sililoquies that Shakespeare might have written… look out for Temmyyaa’s BRILLIANT AND HILARIOUS Scottish accent and some wonderful dramatic performances


Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

8 thoughts on “Macbeth’s sililoquy – the girls”

  1. We enjoyed witching all of the soliloquies they were really good we specially like Temmyyaa’s Scottish accent for hers. We enjoyed writing our soliloquies and making them sound good.


  2. I enjoyed all of these and especially Temmyyaa’s because of her accent! I was the unlucky one that had to film this and try not to cry out with laughter!


  3. I loved the sililoquys ,they were some very funny or some that you could picture the whole thing. My favourite was tammayas with her scottish accent.


  4. I liked all the silioques my favourite was Myahs because she acted it out it sounded like she ment what she said and it was really good


  5. I think everyone did a great job doing the sililoquies! I was a bit nervous when we recorded them, but I go to drama club and I think that helped me not just with the old-fashioned English, but with my confidence as well.


  6. Every ones sillioquys were amazing my favourite one was Temmyyaa’s because she had a pure Scottish accent that makes me laugh every time!
    Well Done Temmyyaa!


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