Race for life

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Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

11 thoughts on “Race for life”

  1. I really enjoyed doing a sponsored run for cancer.Me Caspar,Jim and Ignas ran bear-foot.My feet stung a lot after but it was worth it because it was for cancer.


  2. race for life was so fun because we got to run with your friends and to do what [i ran with no shoe on] and so did other people. i think ran 24 laps faith my friend ran 26 laps


  3. i really like the idea of us running as a school for cancer and i really like the fact that we got a medal for running so everyone felt like they achieved something


  4. It was so fun when we did the the run 4 life me Jim Caspar and Archie all did the run in bear foot-Jim did it bare foot and blindfolded.


  5. I think all the ways people raised money for cancer were really good like:platting their hair together and wearing a giant t-shirt.I had lots of fun running around the track on Friday and helping fight cancer.


  6. I really enjoyed the run for life. Me, Nell and Daisy did cartwheels,4 legged race,running by ourself,ran with socks and Nell and Daisy tied there hairs together. I ended up doing 204 cartwheels! I was really happy about that.
    Overall we did about 500-600.


  7. I loved running for Cancer because my 2 Grandads died of Cancer so to honour them i was silent in class.I had to right on a white board. R.I.P


  8. I loved the race for life because we weren’t just raising money for people who’d gotten Cancer but it also gave me time to remember my Nan’s dog who died of 3 different types of Cancer that I’d known since i was 1 years old.


  9. last Friday me and Olivia platted our hair together it was REALLY hard . Easy things like picking up a pen lid (whitch we had to do) became a chore that was super hard .But it was worth it for raising money for cancer research.


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