Weekly round up

We studied geometry in maths this week – looking at angles in triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons and circles; plotting coordinates and working out missing coordinates; and moving (translating) shapes from one position to another.  Everyone seemed to enjoy this and to be really good at solving problems involving shape and space.  We’ll finish geometry off next week by looking at reflection and rotation.  Then we’ll have a few days on statistics and data (averages, interpreting graphs etc.) after which we will have finished going through the curriculum and will start to go back over topics ahead of the SATS.  

In English, the children wrote a persuasive piece arguing There should be more CCTV in schools (even if, as some in the class made clear, they did not agree with this proposition) . The focus was on achieving a formal tone – such as might be found in a serious news report or policy paper – and a clear and cohesive argument.  This was tricky because this is not a voice that a young person would routinely use but everyone has had a good go at it – examples to follow.

This afternoon we went to hear Derek Landy – of Skulduggery Pleasant fame – speak at The Elmgreen School.  He described a chequered school life and early career, prior to his breakthrough with Skulduggery, which included writing screenplays for a couple of decidedly B-movies (with flesh-craving zombies in one, and a mix up whereby bodies from two unrelated murders are buried in the same grave in the other).   He said that he likes ‘killing off’ his characters – but that had not been possible for Skulduggery who starts off dead!  The 10th book in the Skulduggery series is going to be published later this year.

Have a good weekend


Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

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