CCTV should be installed in schools

Here’s the case made by Temmyyaa and Daisy.  What do you think of the tone they achieve in their writing?  Pick out some things you like about their work.


For the past decade, closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras have been widely introduced to public spaces – shops, airports, streets and more.  This is in order to stop crime: graffiti, theft, speeding and violence.  In the United Kingdom, there are an estimated four million cameras in use – more than any other country in the world!  Despite the billions of pounds that have been spent on this technology, the general public believes it provides value-for-money and that it’s a clear benefit to society: it makes people feel safe, makes people feel comfortable, and most of the time solves the problem.  

Not only are CCTV cameras on every corner or in every shop, but they have now been introduced to schools.  This stops bullying, helps prevent vandalism and theft, and it helps make children feel safer.  Children will feel safer when there are cameras where teachers are not present because they know that the threatening or bullying behaviour will decrease.

In summary, it has been shown that CCTV has helped children to feel safer in their environment.  Cameras should be installed in classrooms and in playgrounds to stop bullying, vandalism and theft.



Over the past fifteen years, CCTV (closed circuit TV) has been introduced all around the world – around 25 million cameras world-wide.  With the UK owning 10% of them, the average adult can be seen on camera up to 300 times a day!  Airports have lots of cameras for security reasons: Singapore airport has 3000 (and counting).  Most people feel safer with CCTV installed.  It has been shown to reduce a wide range of crimes and anti-social behaviour.

Moving to secondary schools, most already have quite a few “hidden eyes” so teachers can see what children are doing when they’re not around.  Although primary schools don’t have any cameras in classrooms, they should have cameras to catch culprits of vandalism.  In this way, when a child breaks or damages something, teachers know who needs to replace it.  The money that schools save can be used on equipment for PE.

A further consideration is the use of cameras to ensure people feel safe.  It is every child’s right to feel secure when on school grounds.  It is believed that if CCTV were to be introduced, no child would be tempted to even try to bully anyone.  The cameras could be placed where not so many teachers would be but in places where there would be children.

In summary, CCTV has proven itself to be effective enough for school use:  it prevents bullying, reduces theft and, best of all, makes children feel safer and happier when on school grounds.  CCTV should be installed in every school in the country.



Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

4 thoughts on “CCTV should be installed in schools”

  1. These reports are good. They have good cohesion and flows together. Personally I enjoyed Daisy one because it strongly made the audience understand the arguments. Temmyyaa’s one has a range of puntuation and it looks like she really tried hard with this difficult piece of writing.


  2. I think both these reports are good.They both use cohesion between paragraphs so they flow well.They used very strong arguments and use lots of different punctuation.This piece of writing was quite challenging but I think their writing is really good.


  3. I enjoyed this piece of work also because I think I had the tone I really enjoyed writing I really liked Daisy’s piece of work



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