Emily’s book reviews

To get World Book Week started, here are some fun and interesting comments that Emily has just posted on the Rosendale Book Club site about books she’s read recently:


About a crazy family who move to Corfu. Gerry the youngest in the family is obsessed with animals and collects countless creatures. I like this book because the family make lots of mistakes and it is very funny. Some parts describing nature can be a bit dull because they go on too long. Larry the oldest brother is super funny and unreasonable. He thinks he is always right when he is actually wrong.


This is a book about a girl with type 1 diabetes. She is angry about the illness. The girl, called Rose, connects with her mother through story telling. The book shows us that sometime you can’t deal with problems on your own and it is better to share them. I like it when the girl stole some brownies from the lunch hall and then got suspended from school. I don’t think that has happened at Rosendale yet……


Set in a horrible future world, where every year boys and girls from each district are picked to enter the the Hunger Games where the only rule is kill or be killed. The whole point is to amuse the people from Capitol in a TV show. The book is exciting but violent. The book is a warning about the worse aspects of society and how the rich can dominate the poor.



Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

2 thoughts on “Emily’s book reviews”

  1. I am very impessed by the wide range of books the children are reading and the great comments they post.Keep reading in this digital age and well done everyone.sar


  2. I think Emily’s book reviews are amazing even though you might not have read the book you can still picture it in your mind!


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