Children should be taught more PE in schools…

With all the preparations for SATs this half-term, here are heart-felt arguments from Emily, Meshach and Nina for more sport and PE.   Please find time in independent learning to read their arguments and post a comment.  Focus on the way the argument flows, the tone they achieve and the punctuation they use.

For as long as anyone can remember, children have been the victims of heaps of tedious maths and English taught by teachers who have forgotten how it is to be young. The result of this is PE is pushed to the sidelines to be taken over by more tedious lessons – making the school days dull and keeping children stuck in a boring classroom.

There are three main reasons given for increasing the amount of time schools spend on P.E: it improves pupil’s physical and mental health; teaches valuable life skills; and helps children make friends for life. Of the three reasons, health and fitness benefits is arguably the most important. In the UK, millions of people are overweight or obese, making them at risk of diabetes – which is costing the NHS billions of pounds a year. Evidence shows PE would help reduce this cost, helping children develop healthy habits that may last a lifetime. On top of this, mental health is becoming an increasing problem and it has been scientifically proven that if you are obese you are more likely to suffer depression.

Not only does PE help improve pupil’s physical and mental health, but it also provides children with an opportunity to develop important life skills. When playing sport, students have to work in a team and coooperate. These skills are vital in all walks of life and will ensure you have a better future and a better job – all employers want someone who can work in a team.

Turning to the third and final argument, sport allows students to expand their social circle inside and outside school. In PE, children have the opportunity to try new sports; then, if there is one they particularly enjoy, to join clubs, enabling them to make new friends while doing sports they love.

In conclusion, increasing the amount of time schools spend on PE would be good for the following reasons: it improves physical and mental health; develops important life skills; and helps young people to expand their social circle. For these reasons, it is clearly the case that the time schools spend doing PE should be doubled to four hours a week so that children and young people can lead a happy, healthy life.

Children have been taught maths and English for many hours every week. The government thinks that they should be taught PE only two hours a week. Two hours is just not enough. Learning is a great thing, but so is sport to keep you healthy.

There are three main reasons to increase the amount of exercise in schools: it teaches you new life skills; helps you make friends; and keeps you in shape. Starting with fitness, more PE would stop millions of people from being overweight and becoming ill. At the moment, the NHS (National Health Service) isn’t managing very well with people coming through the door and complaining they need medical attention. If we get more children to get involved in PE, it will help solve this problem.

Turning to the second main argument, not only does PE help children’s mental and physical health but it teaches new and valuable life skills that are crucial for the future. Whilst in the job market, companies look for not only good education, but good life skills like emotional awareness that are crucial in the workplace.

Moving now to the third argument, PE also allows children to expand their friendships through clubs inside and outside of school and possibly make life-long friends through sport. Not only that, young children have a chance to join teams.

In conclusion, there are three main reasons why the amount of PE should be increased: to improve the physical and mental health of children’ teach new life skills for their future; and, last, to open a door to new friendships.

For as long as anyone can remember, children have been taught long and tedious hours of maths and English. Children should be able to be free to run around the fields playing sport and enjoying themselves. Instead they are stuck inside a classroom with only two hours a week of physical education (P.E.) and exercise. Sport should be a big part of a child’s life.

The three main reasons for increasing PE are the following: it improves mental health, teaches life skills and brings a range of social benefits. Turning to the first and most important reason to increase PE and sport in schools, huge numbers of people are becoming ill because of lack of exercise. The NHS has been struggling with this national obesity crisis. Teaching PE at school can help children when they’re growing up to stay fit and healthy. Exercise will lead them to a healthy, happy life.

Moving to the second argument, not only does PE improve health it teaches life skills for the future. If children play sport when they’re younger it can develop cooperation, teamwork and emotional intelligence. These skills will be of benefit later in life. Businesses want people who can work in a team, who can cooperate with others and who have good personal skills. If children learn P.E., they will have an advantage in the job market.

Lastly, the third and final argument, sport helps expand children’s social circle and helps make them new friends. If children do P.E., it can encourage them to join clubs outside of school. They will make new friends that they could keep forever.

To summarise, PE should be increased for these reasons: it helps with your health and keeps you fit; it can teach life skills for the future; and it helps young people expand their friendship groups. That’s why experts say PE should be extended to four hours a week to keep children fit and to make sure they have a happy life.


Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

15 thoughts on “Children should be taught more PE in schools…”

  1. I really enjoyed writing this argument because I actually agree with what it’s saying. I do believe that we should have more PE in schools


  2. I really enjoyed doing this argument because I’m a really sporty person and I was starting to think about if it did happen and how happy I’d be!


  3. I enjoyed this argument more then lasts weeks because I could build on my mistakes from last week to make my writing better this week.These pieces writing includes a variety of punctuation and cohesions so it flows well like a proper argument.I think that there should be more schools so children can enjoy playing sports and being outdoors.


  4. I really enjoyed writing that we should have more P.E. In school because I think we should in our school. Some of the writing was hard but in the end it was fine.I liked Meshachs and Emilys work.


  5. I really enjoyed writing our argument about having longer P.E I hope we use this writing to actually have longer P.E in the future.


  6. I really like everyone’s piece of writing. I think they did a great job and were able to achieve everything in the success criteria. I really enjoyed writing this, I just found it a bit hard to use all of the cohesive devices, but that’s because I didn’t practice enough since I wasn’t here on Wednesday. This week I will work hard and I can’t wait to see other peoples’ writing in the blog on Friday!


  7. I found this pice of writing okay but I’m not the argument type of person and I’m not that confident on it but I think Emily Nina and Meachach did really well on this pice of writing getting the right tone and flow


  8. I agree with Archie I do believe we need more P.E in schools and I also think that Emily,Meshach and Nina’s argument were very sophisticated and mature it wasn’t silly and childish.


  9. I really enjoyed working on these two arguments for more P.E and CCTV in schools because I love debating and this is a bit like it. I think that all of the pieces of writing on the blog are really good.


  10. I agree that more PE in schools would be a lot better. To much maths and English is taught in schools it is not healthy for the children to only do 2 hours a week of sport.


  11. I found this argument really fun I enjoyed doing what I thought and I think we should do more P.E. in school because they are always complaining that we should eat healthier but we should get fitter too.Emily writing was so good that I read it two times and so is Meshachs and Nina.


  12. I enjoyed writing about PE because I agreed with it too. Some schools learn a lot of work but not enough physical and educational stuff.


  13. I really enjoyed doing this peice because I agree I also think that we should have more P.E or at least more than 2 hours! We do mats and English EVERY DAY we never have a P.E and art day!!!


  14. It was really fun to write these persuasive arguments and I would love to do it again because I love to debate on whether we should do that or this.


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