School Run

It’s not quite the mile a day pioneered by St Ninian’s primary school in Stirling, but we’ve been running a kilometre every Friday for a while now.   There were eight personal best times today – congratulations to Meshach, Nina, Sarafina, Rayyan, Archie, Eleanor, Patrick and Mohammed (and to Kyrell for being the first over the line as he often is).

Meshach ADOM 00:04:46 7 Personal Best!
Faisal AMIN 00:05:29 12
Myah BASSIEN-CAPSA 00:06:21 22
Nina BENTHAM 00:04:11 4 Personal Best!
Reaiah BRISSETT 00:05:44 15
Zeca CARRICO 00:06:18 20
Sarafina CONTEH 00:05:45 16 Personal Best!
Eleanor DIXON HITCHCOCK 00:05:35 14 Personal Best!
Kaliyah DOUGLAS-LODGE 00:05:34 13
Jacob EWAN 00:04:50 9
Daisy HOGAN 00:05:56 18
Gabriel HUME 00:04:34 5
Archie KEIGHER 00:04:09 2 Personal Best!
James (jim) LAIDLAW 00:05:08 11
Rayyan RAZA BEN-FAHEM 00:04:41 6 Personal Best!
Tanya ROSTAM 00:06:25 23
Kyrell RUSSELL 00:04:07 1
Wayne SIMWOGERERE 00:06:20 21
Patrick SOLIS 00:05:07 10 Personal Best!
Sylvie STRONG 00:05:48 17
Caspar WITCHELL 00:04:48 8
Mohammed YISLAM 00:04:09 3 Personal Best!
 Olivia ZAMPROGNA 00:06:01 19

Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

5 thoughts on “School Run”

  1. I really enjoyed doing the mile run and I think because of the mile run I think it has improved me speed and made me a lot faster.


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