He huffed and he puffed and was boiled alive…

Try to find time in independent learning to read and comment on the newspaper articles by Faisal, Patrick and Daisy.  Have they achieved the style and tone of a newspaper article? Can you spot use of the passive tense?


He huffed and he puffed and was boiled alive

by our crime reporter Faisal Amin

Yesterday, three little pigs were arrested for the murder of Mr B B Wolf, who was found dead in a cooking pot in the brick house belonging to the eldest little piggy.

It is understood that at 3:00 in the afternoon, Mr B B Wolf tried to enter the straw property, crafted by the smallest brother, Charles Pig.  When refused entry, Mr Wolf blew down the house leaving nothing standing.  Managing to escape, Charlie Pig ran off to the second brother (Alfred Pig), seeking refuge in his home.  

But not far behind, the wolf had followed the trail to his brother’s home,trying again to obtain access into the abode.  When they refused, he blew down this house too, again leaving nothing standing.

Neighbours report that they had then seen the two pigs escape to their eldest brother, Thomas’s house. They said that a wolf was chasing after the pigs, knocking on their door and demanding access.  Mr Wolf was then seen climbing into a chimney and, shortly afterwards, witnesses heard the disorientated howl of a wolf in pain and contacted the police to make sure no harm had been done.

We have spoken to the eldest pig, Alfred, who told us that Mr Wolf had been threatening them all day and that the boiling water was not put there on purpose.  “We were simply cooking dinner; it’s not our fault if he fell in,” they insisted.  

Mrs Wolf pleaded: “My husband would never harm anyone, nor blow up a house.”  She added: “He was a vegetarian and those unworthy pigs should receive nothing but a life sentence.”

Since the accident, people have been moved into brick houses to protect them and their family from danger.  Police are also rumoured to have taken a final look through Mr Wolf’s house and unexpectedly found three pieces of meat in his bins.  Police expect the trial to begin next week


The Death of Big Bad Wolf

by our crime correspondent Patrick Solis

Yesterday afternoon, three pigs were accused of the murder of Mr B B Wolf, who was found dead in a cooking pot at the house belonging to the eldest pig.  

It is understood that yesterday morning Mr B B Wolf visited a straw house that belonged to the youngest pig.  Witnesses report that the wolf threatened the pig with a huff and a puff and then blew the weak house down.  He ran next door to his brother’s house which was made of sticks but was followed by Mr Wolf. Once again, he huffed then he puffed and then he blew the house into a pile of rubble.

At this point, two pigs were seen fleeing from Mr B B Wolf so they could take refuge at their oldest brother’s house, which was made of bricks – but they were again followed by Mr Wolf.  He was again heard to be demanding to be let in but was again refused.  Unable to blow down the sturdy house of bricks, Mr Wolf was then seen climbing up the drain pipe and down the chimney.  The police were contacted by the neighbours when they heard a disturbing howl.

Five minutes later, an armoured police car arrived at the scene.  The police entered the house and they came out with a bag containing the body of Mr B B Wolf and were followed by the three Pig brothers in handcuffs.  

We spoke to the oldest pig brother who said he was sorry for boiling Mr Wolf alive but that it had been an accident.  “We were only making dinner when something fell into the pot,” he claimed.

Mrs B B Wolf was shocked when she found out about the death of her husband.  “He would never eat the pigs because he’s a vegetarian – and he isn’t that strong to blow a house down,” she affirmed.

The trial of the three pigs is set for two weeks’ time in London.  Meanwhile, relations between pigs and wolves are at an all-time low.


All a misunderstanding

by crime features editor Daisy Hogan

Yesterday afternoon, three pigs (Chase, 22; Jack, 24; and Jonathan, 28) were arrested for the murder of Mr B B Wolf.  

It is known that in the early afternoon of May 12, Mr Wolf visited Chase’s home.  Demanding to come in, but being refused, he blew the house down.  The young pig ran to his elder brother’s house where he stayed until he thought he was safe.  When he was shooed out by his sibling, horrible scowling was to be heard outside the small house.  Thinking he could gain access, Mr Wolf blew this house down too.

Neighbours report seeing the two pigs fleeing to Jonathan’s house.  However, Mr B B Wolf is reported to have turned up yet again to attempt blowing down the last of the pigs’ abodes.  When he was unable to do so, he apparently climbed down the chimney and found himself in a large cooking pot.

Within two minutes, armed police and police dogs were at the house.  A large body bag was taken out of the building with dripping contents.  Following were the three pigs, all in hand-cuffs.  

We spoke to the youngest pig and he claims that boiling Mrs Wolf was all a misunderstanding.  “We were simply making stew (other mother’s recipe) when he shot down our chimney!” he said.  “It was like he thought there was going to be a swimming pool at the bottom,” he added.  Mrs Wolf told us that her husband had asthma and could hardly blow up a balloon let alone a house.  “He has three pups on the way – I am sure he wouldn’t throw himself down a chimney!” she wailed.

The worst part is that small children had to witness the awful scene.  “I walked past my favourite neighbour’s house so he could help me plant my garden, only to see him taken out in handcuffs,” a six-year-old girl told us.

Most local pigs are moving out of Carosbury village because of the wolves.  After further investigation, it has been said that old bones have been disposed of in bins at Mr Wolf’s house.  


Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

15 thoughts on “He huffed and he puffed and was boiled alive…”

  1. I think the news paper articles really worked and flowed in the way they should. They have the right tone and sound of a proper newspaper article and if the story was real I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in a local shop window.


  2. I really enjoyed writing a news report about the three little pigs but I still want to write about are they innocent or are they murderers.


  3. I really enjoyed writing the newspaper article about the Three Little Pigs. I think Daisy, Faisal and Patrick did a great job and I can’t wait to start the other newspaper article from this week!


  4. I really enjoyed writing the newspaper articles it was really fun because I love to write them maybe because I love to read them myself!!


  5. I really like these pieces of writing and the style of writing because it is really interesting and it makes you feel like it is really happening.


  6. I like these pieces of writing because they managed to make it tense and they made it quite formal but not formal in the quotes. Very good.


  7. I really enjoyed writing a newspaper article about the three little pigs.Daisy,Patrick and Faisal’s reports flow well and they will work well in a newspaper and they don’t sound too much like a story.


  8. I loved writing about the three little pigs.In my opinion the pigs were the “bad guys”because the pigs killed the wolf but most people think otherwise.I think all the people above are amazing writers and in my opinion Patrick’s is the best but the others ones came very close.This was probably one of my favourite pieces of writing I wrote ever.I am not sure why in most fairytales the wolf is portrayed as the bad guy,it makes me enjoyed because I love wolves and there not sly and mean.


  9. I enjoyed this piece of writing. It all flows together and it sounds fluent. I agree with Kaliyah this was very challenging to write but we all did a good job.


  10. The newspaper articles about the three little pigs was very exciting and entertaining to read like a real newspaper report .I think that everyone’s writing is improving every week and getting better.


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