Somebody or nobody

6CM performed a class poem entitled Somebody or nobody at this morning’s Rosendale ‘poetry slam’ hosted by poet and rapper Breis.


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We used Emily Dickinson’s I’m Nobody! and Muhammad Ali’s Last night I had a dream as inspiration and wrote poems about being a ‘somebody’ or a ‘nobody’.  There are a series of poems that respond to one another.  Breis gave special mention to Myah (for her performance) and Jim, Archie and Nathan (for their words).  Later, Breis came into the classroom and read the children’s poems back to them – which was exciting to listen to.

Here are the poems in the order they were performed.

Somebody or nobody?

Why be somebody
When you can be nobody.
Why have fame
And have many know your name.
Why not be backstage –
Instead of in spotlight’s cage.
So why be somebody,
When you can be nobody?

Nina, Olivia and Sylvie

I love to be in the spotlight
I love to have fortune and fame
I love to be up on stage in sight
So people can call out my name.
I love luxury and riches
No matter the cost or price
Sometimes it lands me in stiches
But I don’t mind rolling the dice.

Nell and Sarafina

Sometimes it’s nice to be simple
Who needs fame and fortune
Just to live a simple life
And one you won’t regret.
Who needs to be in the newspaper
Who needs to be on TV
Just live a life – a simple life
And that’s the one for me.


I’m great, unlike you!

You crumble like cake
You got jealous of my hair
Whilst you wear a wig
Like Donald Trump
You think you’re so big
I’ll get you a grave to dig
And your wallet’s getting thinner
Mine’s bigger
Like my lyrics

Archie and Jim

We are cool
We left school
We lurk late
We strike straight
We sing sin
We drink gin
We jazz in June
We will die soon.

Caspar and Mohammed

My name’s Nathan
My cut stings
Like a bee
I’m just a wannabee
Stop trying to steal my sweets!
You can’t see me
In my lambourghini
Which is black
I’m black
I’m invisible
So you can’t see me
So stop trying
I’m perfect
So crown me.


The spotlight shines on you
For you crave it.
You are a somebody
You hate the gloom
And I’m a nobody
At the back of the room
Watching you walk
Listening to you croak your name.


I’m angry, I’m angry
And I just can’t keep it in
I wanna scream and shout
I really wanted to win
Then rain falls down
Filling my shoes to the brim.
How lonely I am
As the anger kicks in.

I’m angry, I’m angry
My life is a lie
My brain keeps teasing me
I wish I could die!
I am so weary
I sleep in day
And wake up to the sound of a light.

I’m happy, I’m happy
I’ve just had an idea
How about I make some friends
And do it with cheer.
Little did I know,
There was someone at the door,
And I didn’t hear.



Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

12 thoughts on “Somebody or nobody”

  1. I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s poetry because it really showed everyone who was listening who they are and what kind of personality they have.It also showed the type of weather they liked,what kind of food they liked or what animal they liked best.I also loved that the younger children in KS1 were brave enough to come up on stage by themselves and say their poem.Personally I thought that it was really cute.Altogether,it was excellent!


  2. I really liked all of the words in these poems but my favourite was myahs because she is a great performer and she can really easily change between being happy and being angry.


  3. I really liked writing the poems. I think everyone’s poems were really creative and I really enjoyed performing them with the class!


  4. We did poems and me and Mohammed were a somebody. I didn’t win a award so me and Mohammed were sad😞 But we were happy for Archie and Jim. My favourite one was Nathan’s,it was so funny.


  5. I am not being bias, but our classes somebody or nobody was the most inspirational and also the most thought was put into it by our class. Kyrell,Jacob and I were also wishing to do a trio but we didn’t get to because our teacher focused on the rest of the class and that meant we didn’t get to perform it ,also I don’t think he knew we could do seperate acts and that is why we weren’t aloud to have a performance.By the way Mr Milne it took us two days to make our raps.Otherwise,we enjoyed the class performance the most and we think that Nathan and Jim & Archies were the best in the competition plus they could become millionaire rappers.


  6. I love all of them but my favourite was Sarafina ,Nell and Nathan’s poem because Nathan one was a somebody and I know that because that’s how he is .Nell’s and Sarafinda’s was a somebody and that’s how they are but some times they are quiet.


  7. I love these poems. My favourite was Myahs because when she was up on stage she performed amazingly and she should be a role model to everyone. Tanya and Emily also did good they all did.
    Nathan’s poem was also good and funny.


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