Easter SPaG

Sorry!   You’ve all worked so hard this term!  Will we never be satisfied? 🙂
If you can bear it, then we think a little more practice on SPaG.com will help you get completely on top of all the punctuation and grammar you’ve learned.
There are several practice exercises for you to pick from:
  • Some are new exercises
  • Some are exercises you may already have done – in which case, you can repeat them and compare your score
  • There’s last year’s actual SATs paper
  • If you want extra challenge, there’s the Level 6 SATs paper from 2014.
Most important is that you use your SPaG booklet to explore any question you don’t fully understand or get wrong – that’s how you’ll learn and improve.
Here’s a copy of the booklet: Everything you need to know about Year 6 SPaG
If you’ve forgotten your login details, ask a grown up to send me an email (tommilne@rosendale.cc) and I’ll remind you.

Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

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