Maths videos

subtraction (with carrying)

short multiplication

long multiplication (grid method)

long multiplication (column method)

short division (bus stop method)

division with remainders (as units, fractions and decimals)

long division (using chunking)

adding fractions

improper fractions and mixed numbers

adding mixed numbers – Khan Academy

subtracting mixed numbers using column subtraction – Khan Academy

multiplying mixed numbers

subtracting mixed numbers by converting to improper fractions

adding decimals (1) – Khan Academy

adding decimals (2) – Khan Academy

multiplying fractions – Khan Academy

finding fraction of a number

multiplying decimals

finding the percentage of a number

finding the percentage of a number – Khan Academy

introduction to ratio – Khan Academy

converting between metric units

finding the area of a rectangle (Khan Academy)

finding the area of a triangle (Khan Academy)

solving algebraic equations

types of angles (Khan Academy)

Introduction to angles and degrees (Khan Academy)