Weekly round up (2)

A quick round up of this week’s learning.

In maths, we’ve been practising working with large numbers – the children need to be comfortable manipulating and ordering numbers up to 1,000,000.  Next week we’ll look at rounding numbers to different degrees of accuracy and spend a couple of days on negative numbers.  

In literacy, we’re using Shaun Tan’s poignant and surreal graphic novel The Arrival as inspiration.  The pictures from the book set to music are here: The Arrival.  It’s the story of a migrant, leaving his family behind to seek a better life.  The children have begun by writing a letter from the man, explaining his decision and looking to the future.  The grammar focus was modal verbs (verbs like ‘can’, ‘should’, ‘will’, ‘might’, that express necessity or possibility).  The children have had to identify where they have used modal verbs in their writing.

In our science project (looking at microorganisms and in particular mould), we’ve been going through a series of steps prior to starting an experiment next week.  We’ve discussed what we already know about mould; done some internet research to confirm/extend our knowledge; and discussed what makes a good scientific investigation. We’ve agreed that a good scientific question is specific, measurable and new (i.e. we don’t know the answer before we start).  Each table team finished the week by beginning to plan their own specific experiment.

We’ve begun reading Ian Serraillier’s The Silver Sword in reading comprehension lessons and – on the 100th anniversary of his birth – started Roald Dahl’s brilliant and hilarious childhood memoir Boy.

Have a good weekend


Science in Year 6

Science in Year 6 is going to be all about understanding how science works, and what it means to be a scientist, and doing experiments where we don’t know the answer before we start.  

We’ve begun by asking ‘What is science?’  Here’s what some of the class said.

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What is science?

“Science is a way to study the world,” said Olivia and Patrick.  “Not the only way,” according to Nell, “but it’s certainly a good one.”   “You ask yourself what happens if…., said Nina, “and then test out your theories.”  And science is fun, several of the class pointed out.

Daisy and Nell got a little poetic.  “Science is like our world’s own magic,” said Daisy.  It’s when you explore the world, learning about it, and answer the unanswered questions in extraordinary ways” – Nell

Science and technology

Emily says, “Science gives humans extreme power over the world.”  Reaiah, “Science gives people the power to destroy and to understand the world.”

“Because of science, some of us live in luxury.  We have medicine, communications and all the stuff in our every day world.   Without science we would have nothing – literally nothing” – Jim.  (Is that true?)   Eleanor says that without science “we would still be jousting in castles or building pyramids!”

Weekly round up (1)


This is the first of what will be weekly round ups of the learning and goings on in 6CM.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know the class and it was an enjoyable first week.  

For this first week, the whole school has been focused on ways that we can together make Rosendale the best possible environment in which to learn and generally a very pleasant and friendly place to spend the day.   We’ve also thought about and discussed the school’s five values: to welcome, excite, challenge, cooperate and understand.

Normal lessons start on Monday.  The class timetable is on the blog, although the pattern of the afternoons may vary from week to week.  PE is a double session on Thursday afternoons.  You should have received a letter about the curriculum information sessions that will be held on Thursday next week, when we will be able to tell you about the year in detail.

Lastly, we were delighted to share with the class that Ellie and Temmyyaa have been selected as Rosendale House Captains for the coming year.

Have a good weekend

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Collages for the classroom

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We also tried to create images to represent some of the values