I have, you have… J’ai, tu as…

A fun song, set to the Pink Panther music, to learn the conjugation of the verb avoir – from Mme Paridjanian

Pink Panther song

  1. I have = J’ai.
  2. You have = Tu as.
  3. He has = Il a.
  4. She has = Elle a.
  5. We have = Nous avons.
  6. You have = Vous avez.
  7. They have = Ils ont.
  8. They have = Elles ont.

Bonjour Emma, comment ça va?

The children were thrilled to receive letters and small gifts from penpals at Emma’s new school in Bordeaux: Sainte Clotilde Bordeaux


This is what Emma herself sent to Nell.  

Not sure if we’ll be able to arrange a class trip to Bordeaux 😦  but we are going to try to use the British Council’s e-twinning programme to keep in touch through the year.