Murder in Glamis!

Use independent learning to comment on the newspaper articles by Nell and Mohammed. What do you think about the style and tone? Do they sound like an article you might read in a newspaper? Try to identify all the different tenses they use in their writing. You should be able to find examples of each of the different forms of past tense we’ve studied (past simple, past progressive and past perfect).


Murder in Glamis!

Late last night, King Duncan of Scotland died a brutal death whilst staying at Glamis Castle, ancestral home to Lord Macbeth.

It is said that Macbeth himself found the body lying in bed with both guards unconscious and covered in blood and holding daggers. Macbeth is said to have gone into a flaming rage and killed both guards on the spot.

Many people believe that the blame should go to King Duncan’s sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, who were in line for the throne. Both have fled the country, which people think seems to confirm their guilt.

After speaking to some of the king’s private servants, one agreed to tell us what they saw in the room. “It was horrific,” he said. “There was blood on the walls and the bed sheets were dripping in blood.” He claimed that the king’s eyes were white and a dagger was plunged through his heart. Lady Macbeth has said that she is appalled such a thing could happen in her family home. “I have had sleepless nights,” she said. “I constantly wonder whether a killer is right around the corner.”

In Malcolm and Donalbain’s absence, Lord and Lady Macbeth are expected to be crowned King and Queen of Scotland.


Duncan’s Death!

Yesterday, at Glamis Castle, King Duncan was found murdered.

Duncan was staying at Glamis Castle, which is the home of Macbeth, who the king had just pronounced Thane of Cawdor. It was victory against the Norwegian army that made the king choose him for the position.

The body was discovered by one of Macbeth’s servants. He had two wounds, one to his chest and another to his head. It seemed like the murder was committed by the guards who were discovered dead outside the bedchamber covered in blood. Filled with grief and horror, Macbeth had killed both guards on the spot.

The king’s sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, who are to inherit the throne of Scotland, have run away to Ireland and England.

We asked Macbeth how he felt that someone had killed the king. Macbeth said, “I am very shocked that someone has committed a big crime killing our beloved king in my castle.” Lady Macbeth said that she was scared because the people that killed the king might still be free.

As Malcolm and Donalbain have left the country, Macbeth is now going to be king.