Book reviewer of the week – Faisal

Here are some of Faisal’s lovely and quite personal reflections on some of the Rosendale Book Club 100 books.  If you’ve read these books, perhaps you could write Faisal a comment…

On The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:  “A story about a young girl from Kansas who gets transported to this magical and wonderful world were she meets a scarecrow, Tin man and then a lion. Together they all want one thing: courage, heart, brain, and a home, but the evil witch stands in their way.  This book is amazing because of all the wonderful colours and textures and I love how all of the storyline and plot come together in a wonderful magical world that was the first colour film.”


Faisal makes this perfect comment about Paddington.  “This book is about a bear called Paddington who is whisked away from darkest PERU to the hearts of the Brown family”

On Matilda:  “Matilda is a wonderful book that i think is referring to the wonderful world where you can do anything, achieve anything, and be anything.”

On The Hunger Games: “…a game about how we should just stop fighting…. just so everyone can end war between everyone and so it can make a better place of the world.”


Book reviewer of the week – Ignas

If you log in to the Rosendale Book Club you can have a look at Ignas’s bookshelf.  Here are a few of Ignas’s wry comments on books he’s read.

Paddington Bear is a really funny book about a bear who has come from the darkest Peru and this book is full of marmalade. Lots and lots of marmalade. (5 stars)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is one over my favourite books.  It’s funny, weird and quirky in lots of different ways. (5 stars)Wonderful-Wizard-of-Oz-100th-Anniversary-cover-small.jpg

The story of Matilda is the story of a girl who is really brainy and has some manners unlike her rotten family. (4 stars)

The Jungle Book is a very exciting story about a boy called Mowgli who was raised by wolves but there’s one problem – Mowgli is being hunted by a tiger called Shere Khan who killed his father. (5 stars)

Book reviewer of the week – Nina

Have a look at Nina’s bookshelf.  She’s read and reviewed 11 of the 100 books and her favourite three books at the moment are The Hunger Games,  Skellig and The Dark is Rising.


Nina writes that The Hunger Games “is a dramatic full of action book where the only rule is kill or be killed!”  Of The Dark is Rising she says that it’s “exciting, scary and terrifying to read at night!”

And if you enjoy scary books, here’s another recommendation: Alan Garner’s The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, also part of the 100, is a marvelous book, similar in many ways to The Dark is Rising, featuring the most extraordinary collection of murderous creatures of darkness.   Why not give it a try? 

Book reviews of the week – Meshach

Here’s the first of what will be a regular ‘book reviews of the week’ post, looking at what different members of the class think about some of the Rosendale Book Club 100 books.   Starting this week with Meshach, here are a few of his reviews that we particularly enjoyed.   Writing about Quentin Blake’s hilarious Zagazoo, Meshach says: “Zagazoo is a transforming mess until he turned into a nice, lovely, kind boy.”  Exactly!   Of Paddington, “He is such a nice bear to live with.”  A simple thought, but spot on!   And reflecting on Ted Hughes’ extraordinary The Iron Man: “Here is one question I need to ask myself: where did he come from?”  Good question!  You can read Meshach’s other reviews on his personal Rosendale Book Club webpage.

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