Close encounters of the third kind

We’ve continued to have interesting discussion about UFOs as part of our literacy lessons. A nice coincidence was that President Obama announced this week that NASA had been given a mission to transport humans to another planet (Mars) within the next 20 years, with an ultimate ambition to remain there for an extended time.  If humans travel between planets, why not others, we asked. 

It reminded one of us (Mr Milne) of a childhood fascination with Carl Sagan’s ideas about extraterrestrial life.  For anyone interested, here’s a charming  extract of a conversation between Carl Sagan and Patrick Moore from the classic TV series The Sky at Night, which we also briefly listened to in class.

The children have begun writing a factual account of a UFO sighting based on this clip from Close Encounters of the Third Kind:  Roy’s first UFO encounter Do watch it through at home and talk about it.  The report is being written for the attention of UFO investigators.  We’ll put some of the writing on the blog in the coming days.



Unidentified flying objects are going to be the topic of our literacy work for the next few weeks.  Do you believe?  


Here are some of the class’s thoughts for and against.

UFOs are real It’s all a hoax
Space is infinite – and there are astronomical numbers of stars and planets – so there might be other life in the universe even if we have no proof

US and other governments might have secret information about UFOs

Some photographs of UFOs look realistic (although photos of aliens mostly do not)

There have been too many unexplained sightings of UFOs by too many different people for it to be a hoax

There are microorganisms in space – there could be alien microorganisms

Some of the photographic images are obviously fake

All images – even old ones – can be photoshopped

Some people might report UFOs to get publicity

There’s not been enough time since the ‘Big Bang’ for alien life to develop technology to travel across the universe