Unidentified flying objects are going to be the topic of our literacy work for the next few weeks.  Do you believe?  


Here are some of the class’s thoughts for and against.

UFOs are real It’s all a hoax
Space is infinite – and there are astronomical numbers of stars and planets – so there might be other life in the universe even if we have no proof

US and other governments might have secret information about UFOs

Some photographs of UFOs look realistic (although photos of aliens mostly do not)

There have been too many unexplained sightings of UFOs by too many different people for it to be a hoax

There are microorganisms in space – there could be alien microorganisms

Some of the photographic images are obviously fake

All images – even old ones – can be photoshopped

Some people might report UFOs to get publicity

There’s not been enough time since the ‘Big Bang’ for alien life to develop technology to travel across the universe



Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

8 thoughts on “UFOs”

  1. I do believe there is another living species somewhere in the universe, but I do not think they know we exist the same way we do not know about them!


  2. I think there are aliens in space because as my class said there is infinite space we haven’t explored so why shouldn’t there be other life forms in existence.Maybe not on Mars or Pluto but their could be some on other planets in different solar systems and even different universes


  3. i believe in aliens but you never know what species are out there in space there has been so many pictures and evidence but really have you seen an alien? you never know do you know what color they could be green,pink or what ever color


    1. I personally believed there is something living in the universe, we do not have the eyes to see what is happening, only one can tell by interest from the heart the connection to the outside world. But why would human fear something that does not look like us or connect to our ways of thinking. we cant breath or eat in space so I guess we all really belong to earth. So, we born to die and to die, we have to be born also return back to earth.


  4. i believe in aliens you never know what they look like as no one has ever seen aliens before also there has been so many evidence of UFOs seen in the sky for the past years to me i wonder what they could look like because to me it would interesting. I think they are purple, green,orange,grey or maybe even black my class and me have been reading about UFOs real documents they are very interesting. In my point of view i wonder what a real UFO would look like even though i have seen pictures of it still it would be pretty cool think of it seeing a real life UFO.Aliens can speak even though they are different from us we still should treat them with respect how humans do on the news there are pictures check this website://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/719216/UFO-news-discovery-aliens-flying-saucer-weird-science wow i am scared in a way if a real life alien attached me who wouldn’t be except if they was really brave.In class i have enjoyed learning about UFO tune in next time for more facts next time.


  5. I think that alien are real and somewhere-the universe goes on and on so there must be other species. There are some videos of flying saucers and aliens seen they may not be real but it will be interesting to see a UFO or a alien.


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