Evolution – our new project

Depictions of 3.5 billion years of the evolution of life on Earth by Sarafina, Olivia and Gabriel (who represents the end of human evolution as a ‘dab’!)




Here’s a selection of interesting questions and observations from members of 6CM that we will try to explore in the project.

  • Evolution from a single cell to a human being is miraculous.
  • Is it possible that humans will keep evolving?
  • Could humans evolve to use 100% of their brains?
  • Is evolution ‘just a theory’?  Could it be false?  What is the evidence to support it?
  • What different beliefs do people hold?  What did people believe before Darwin came up with his theory of evolution?

You can suggest other questions and ideas for us to explore by replying to this post.


Author: class6TM

We are a Year 6 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

10 thoughts on “Evolution – our new project”

  1. I know that Charles Darwin had the theory of evolution and he started challenging Christians to see if their belief was true but some people still believe that.


  2. This was a amazing lesson ever,the best thing about it was that it told you how old the evolutions were.I liked how the teacher made us draw them to get a good understanding about evolution.


  3. I think the mum is Ellie’s mum because she looks like Ellie.
    I think I look like my mum more then my dad, so I think children get there mum
    features when there young and there dads when there older or the other way


  4. Yesterday we were learning about evolution was really exciting to learn about.
    Now that I’ve learnt enough about evolution to make an explanation of what it is:Evolution is when things change overtime.


  5. I enjoyed this lesson and I think that I will enjoy learning about evolution because I will now more about how earth began and about our ancestors.


  6. I found starting to learn about evolution slightly confusing because of questions like these… how did the evolotion of the start of the whole galaxy start? And how was the first cell made? There are a endless amount of unanswered questions about evolution. As you can see it is quite hard to get your head around.


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